About Me

Web Designs by Christina is owned and operated by, Christina Scovone. I have a wide range of knowledge from retail, to hospitality, to business management, which has given me extensive skills and the ability to be of help in many industries.

I spent 15 years working in retail as a simple layman, an assistant manager, office assistance, or department manager, but I have always had an interest in computers, I can remember when I was a teenager and computers were becoming the newest and best in technology, I was not satisfied with just learning how to be a programmer, I wanted to know how they worked and in 1992 I graduated from the National Institute of Technology as an Electronic Technician.

I have been living in Florida since 1994, I have a strong will and a great desire to be successful in my career as well as help others succeed. I am dedicated to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and my family. That makes me an honest, dedicated, and hard working provider of any of my services. My passion for computers has never subsided, and along the years I have been learning and teaching people how to get things done on the computer in between my day jobs. In 2003 when I was coming to an end of an Assistant Manager position with Eckerd, I had no interest working in a retail setting any longer so, I became self employed, and in 2004 went back to my roots and began using my skills to help others.

Eventually I started building websites just for promoting my work, clients began commenting on my sites and asking for my help in building one for them, thus began my website designing career. Today, I am a successful Website and Graphic Designer and have been since 2005.

I have obtained diplomas and certifications in Web Design and Graphic Design and am still continuing my education in Multimedia Design.