You Can Be A Success

Welcome To The You Can Be A Success Blog!

There is often a big step taken when we decide we want to go out on our own, start a new business, reach for a cause, or even find a new career. Fear itself is the biggest hurdle, once we get over that everything else will fall into place. Oh, so at least we hope it does. I am going to be honest with you, there is a lot of planning, a lot of long hours of working with no pay, and a lot of setbacks, but if you have the right mindset, and put things in the right order you will be on your way to success, and getting yourself online is going to help you get there even faster. Each week I will bring you a message to help you reach your goals. Together, we will succeed. 

What Is Success? 

Yes, I know that seems like a strange question, but think about it, what are you exactly looking or to be success? The word success means; The favorable or prosperous termination of any thing attempted. In other words, success is achieving what we have attempted. We all want to achieve our goals, we dream, we talk about it, we think about it, and we even fight for it. Success in anything we do brings a great deal of worth and satisfaction in achieving the very things that we attempt to do. Even small goals, when reached every day, and step by step, lead us to that prosperous termination of that big goal we are reaching for. 

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a successful person. Are they rich or poor? Surely, most of us associate success with rich people. So, success and wealth are inseparable from each other? Yes, it’s likely to be so, but wealth is not a target for a successful person. It is just one of the steps to reach that prosperous termination. 

When I was about 13-14 years old I wrote out a plan for my life, I saw my mother struggle as a single parent raising my two brothers and I, and didn’t want to find myself in the same position so, getting skills and a career was a priority for me over a family. I actually quit school when I was 16, then went back, taking correspondence classes, then worked a graveyard shift at a Dunkin Donuts and went to school during the day. In October 1992, I got my diploma in Electronic Technology. Do you know, I never did anything with that diploma? It just sits in my closet with my transcripts. Why am I telling you this? To show you that the key to being successful has nothing to do with how much education we get or how much money we have, it has everything to do with the right mindset. 

What do you think are the objective reasons for hindering success? It is a fact that there some outer reasons, not depending on you, for example the economy or a natural disaster. And what about objective sound reasons? Every one of those reasons you have given are subjective (inner), meaning, one can get rid of these reasons with right mindset and objective. We create the greatest obstacle in achieving success with our fears, complexes and indifference.

What Are The Keys To Success?

Read through the following objectives, and think which of them you have, and which you still have to acquire. And once you realize what you need to work on you will be well on your way to becoming successful. 

  1. A Clear Objective. – “Where there is no vision, the people perish:” – Proverbs 29:18. You need to be clear about what it is that you want to do. If you are not than your vision will die even before you get a chance to take that leap.
  2. An Accurate Strategy – You need to create a plan, unplanned success is a planned defeat. Accurate and logical strategy helps to realize what is needed to succeed. A successful person fulfills a small portion of their plan every day. If you stick to your plan, then you will be able to realize everything you want. And if you want, you have a potential.

  3. A Positive Attitude – Positive thinking, and a positive attitude make a world of difference in being successful. You live in the world you create for yourself, why not create a world that each time you get knocked down you pick yourself back up again, even more willing to achieve your goal. Stop being afraid of failures, embrace them, learn from them, and you will become a success.

  4. Have Faith – Faith equals success. Faith strengthens your potential, and destroys those doubts. If you have some desire, leave all your doubts behind. Just believe in the possibility of its realization and you will have not so many obstacles in your way.

  5. Educate Yourself – Faith without works is dead. You can have all the faith you want, but unless you apply yourself, you will not get very far. Faith along with action is the only way you are going to be successful. Constant training, constant improvement of your professional knowledge, these are the features that distinguish a successful person.

  6. Self Improvement – We are not perfect nor will we ever be, but we all have things that we need to improve on to become successful. Self improvement helps us change for the better, to overcome our complexes and fears, and to get rid of those hindrances that keep us from becoming successful. Remember, that everything depends on you; you are master of your fate, your success and happiness. And if you don’t possess all the listed above qualities, then you will be able to develop these features by improving yourself. The only thing that stand between you and success is that deep desire to change the things that need to be changed to make it happen.

  7. Self Confidence – You can’t improve unless you have the confidence to believe that you can. Self confidence is removes those complexes and fears, and helps you get rid of those hindrances and is what helps us become a success in whatever we set our mind to do. 

So, here are the seven keys to success, make that plan, work on those things that are hindering you, and you will be well on your way to success.